Here I am. What have I gotten myself into? I’ve created a blog. Horrors. Now millions of people will be able to read my deluded ramblings. Okay, thousands? Hundreds? A couple. Fine. :)

So, I am

-17 years old

-a very normal person. I have average intelligence, average weight, height, etc…

-addicted to certain foods. Such as chocolate. White Cheddar Cheez-Itz. Coffee. Yes I realize coffee isn’t a food. Moving on.

-a writer. I love writing. But I don’t write nearly as often as I should. HOWEVER. I do enjoy it immensely.

-a HORRIBLE speller. Enough said. Thank God for SpellCheck

-astoundingly bad at Math.

-a person who adores to read. Mostly fiction, but I like some non-fiction too.

-excited about knowing more and more about God, and having a personal relationship with Him.

-not always as put together as this first post seems. HAH! I tend to be forgetful, absent minded, unclear, etc. It’s just easier for me to arrange my thoughts when I’m writing. I am almost NEVER like this if you talk to me face-to-face.

-musically consumed. I sing constantly (whether I have a good voice or not is debatable). I like almost every genre of music…excluding most rap, screamo, punk, and polka. :)

Well, that’s a summary of me. Although there’s much more hidden away, and I haven’t touched on many of my negative points. :)