I’ve been thinking lately about not wasting life, and the ways to not waste it. Now, I can’t claim I am succeeding in this area yet, but thinking about it has got to be a good start, right? :/ Anyways, the thought that has most convinced/convicted me in this area is election. And no, I’m not talking about the Presidential kind. Election as in the Predestination/Calvinism kind. Not that I’m an expert in theology, but think about it with me for a minute. Before time began, God choose some. He choose me. And (if you happen to be born again) He choose you. If that doesn’t:
1. Give you a purpose in life
2. Scare the heck out of you (literally)
then nothing ever will. Out of all the beautiful, successful, intelligent people, He choose me. And why would He do that? I mean, if I were God (and you can all thank Him that I’m not!) I would’ve chosen those first, and then possibly a few normal people like myself – but still! Why would He do it?
I think of David. A shepherd boy. Insignificant.
Mary. A common girl about my age – nothing special about her.
Amos. Another shepherd.
Gideon – from the smallest tribe.
Jeremiah? He was young.
Moses? He couldn’t talk.
Some if not all the disciples were in their teens. And uneducated – fishermen, learning their father’s trade instead of being under a Rabbi.
And sure, there were people like Abraham and Lot who were rich and prosperous. Or Solomon, the King and the wisest on Earth. But so many of His chosen people are the weak, the poor, then uneducated, the homely, the unpopular. Why? Perhaps it shows His glory all the more to take the least expected and turn them into the most productive. Perhaps it keeps us humble that there is no way that we could do anything great outside of God’s power. Or maybe that’s just His will. Because He loves us.
And that’s where we come to our huge responsibility. Only thank goodness the weight doesn’t completely fall on our shoulders. But since He has picked me, He has a purpose for me. And I need to be fulfilling that purpose! If I’m not, then what good is it to even be living? However, we can’t take that burden on ourselves – I know what happens when I try to do things on my own.
Disaster. :)
But am I being his channel?
Just something to think about.