It’s been quite a while. I have to confess I’d completely fogotten about this blog! I’m going to try to keep it up more, though, as I’ve had some thoughts lately that I would like to remember. Unfortunately, my memory is so terrible, that I can’t even remember those thoughts now. Oh my. That’s taking forgetfulness to a whole new level. But nonetheless, I have SOMETHING to post :) . Just a little bit that I wrote awhile back.


I sit down to write, fully fed, energized, and prepared for the words to march out on the page. So I am consequently disappointed when nothing flows from my head and through my fingers. I wait patiently for my muse to strike. But a minute later my patience has evaporated, and I simply have to pray for a return of precipitation. Has it just been too long? Perhaps if I had at least kept up my journaling in the past few months, I wouldn’t be staring at a frosty white-out.
“Characterizations! That could be interesting.” I think to myself. “Girl or boy? I could go with Latino, I’ve never tried that…probably because I have no idea what being in a social minority is like…hmm.” I end up staring into space, mouthing the words of the music I cranked up to satisfy my ADD.
Lost in the melodrama of the unrequited love song, I drift for a few moments, until my eyes wander back to the depressing white of the screen in front of me. Maybe I should try to write a song, seeing as I’m enjoying the music. I click pause on the YouTube video.
Unfortunately, it’s too late. All I can think of are the lyrics to the songs I was singing along to. On, goes the YouTube video.
I take a sip of water. This is ridiculous. Knowing I have to write something, as I have been told countless times by English teachers, writing instructors, podcasts, and how-to books, I sigh and resort to another blog-entry type of page such as this one…and pray for inspiration to strike tomorrow.