The dinner table discussion at my house today was a bit more entertaining than normal. I told my family how Melody gave me the link to Wicked [the musical] (:P) and how the story was just so interesting and different from the story I knew of The Wizard of Oz. Well, my little sister (Kaylin, 7) was interested in this take on the story. Thus, she had quite a few questions. These few are an example:

“But how can the Wicked Witch of the West be good?”
“But isn’t she bad?”
“When does she turn wicked?”
“But she’s supposed to be EVIL!”


Finally, I heaved in frustration “Just don’t worry about it, Kaylin, it’s not a true story!”

And my dad, never flinching, never looking up from his plate of spaghetti said “Oh it absolutely is

Hmm. Maybe you would have to know my dad for that to be funny…

Anyways. My laptop is taking maternity leave for about three weeks…expecting a new keyboard…The boy at the geek squad said it would be at least $100. I was not too happy. But ah well. These things do happen. What’s frustrating about laptops is they really don’t last. I learned my lesson I suppose…as my dad put it, “EVERYTHING costs money”… I guess you’d have to know my dad for that to be funny, too. haha…but yeah, I’m not going to be buying used laptops anymore. It’s just not worth it.