So I got a Visa today. I was pretty excited, considering it’s pretty much the rite of passage into the adult world. Of course, the fact that it doesn’t withdrawal from my account, but from my parents, is a bit of an inconsistency with my adult status. But hey. It’s a start! hah!

But the problem I faced when I got it in the mail today was signing it. Why should that be a problem, you ask? It’s because I loathe cursive. Like epicly loathe it. I seriously have not used it since the third grade. I am terrible at it, and I don’t particularly like the look or feel of it. I am strictly a *printing* girl. Sure, I make my printing fancy and all…but I absolutely hate my signature. So, I spent literally half an hour trying to remember how to sign my name, and subsequently changing it to something a nearly like. I feel impotent.

So my conclusion? WE MUST DECLARE WAR ON CURSIVE!! Who says we have to sign our names in it? I WANT FREEDOM OF HANDWRITING! FREE THE PRINTING! It’s ridiculous that we are all forced to sign our names the same way!!!!!

Then again…I’m not even sure if it’s a law, hah. But it’s certainly not socially acceptable to sign your name with NORMAL (*cough cough*) letters.


I actually had a pretty disastrous day. Not at all good. But I do recommend this book – Authentic Beauty by Leslie Ludy. It’s bodacious. :]