Don’t get me wrong, I adore my family. But there are a few things about *us/them* that may be slightly…uh…odd.

For example. Last night we went over to my newly-married sister’s house. Over the course of the evening, we talked about the following:

Pearland TX (…and instructed my little sister in how everything was, in fact, made of pears there). This dilapidated into conversations about Chocholateland (which turned to Fondueland in the summer) and Candyland.

-Cadaver’s. And the Bodies in Motion exhibit at City Union Station…how they’re really dead people posed in different positions. Kristin (the newlywed) remarked “What if you knew someone there? You’d be walking by and go – ‘Hey that’s Grandpa!!! He’s watching TV?!’ How weird would that be!?”

-The flies (named Brownie and Phillip). And how my brother-in-law, Steven, expected to see something delicious whenever Kaylin (little sister) called out Fly #1’s name, and was thus severely disappointed every five minutes.

-Kristin’s hysterics upon saying “Let’s all just think about this for a minute”. (I have NEVER seen her laugh so hard…I’m still not exactly sure why she did!!)

And lastly, (my own personal rant!) the following conversation happened during a lively game of Catch Phrase;

-I look at the electronic screen and see the words I’m trying to get my teammates to say. So I begin with “When you get scurvy, what do you take?”
Kristin: Lime! Citrus! Lemon!
Me: NO, no, like medicine!
Kristin: Citrus extract! (or something to that effect)
Me: No, no, two words
Kristin: Uhhh..
Me: Okay, like a pill
Kristin: Uh…
Me: Mineral!
Kristin: Vitamin!
Me: A, B…
Kristin: Citrus vitamin!
Me: NO! First word, mineral, then A…B…
Kristin: VITAMIN C!!!

The funniest thing though was this morning, I found that both of my parents are drinking a Weight-Gain-Shake each day. I’m looking forward to being skinny all my life, and having pretty much whatever eating habits I like! :P

I love my family…haha…