It is sad to note that I have had decreasingly significant blog posts.

Let’s try to rectify that fact.

I went on a walk yesterday. You know what the most awkward thing in the world is? Walking by someone in a park. So you’re strolling along, minding your own business, when all of a sudden, you spot someone. Immediately, your panic level rises just a little bit, as you rush through the different options that you should attempt. There’s:

1. Walk by, suddenly interested in the sky, the birds, the trees…oh lookey there, you passed them without any awkwardness.

2. Smile. But this creates a problem if they decide to say something and then you don’t. You end up looking impolite cause by the time you say something it’s after you’ve passed each other.

3. Say hello. But then you have a problem – do you say hi? hey? hello? how are you? gorgeous day? I mean, there’s just so many options….

But by far the most awkward thing in the world is when you pass someone again. There’s just no way to know what to do. The third time is just WEIRD. And the forth time, it seems like a crime to even acknowledge the other person. Really. It’s just awkward.

You know what I mean?