I was thinking about clouds…and got a bit carried away :]

First I was thinking, when you’re a little girl, clouds seem like cotton candy. When you’re a teen, you might compare them to the frothy stuff on top of a Starbucks latte. But when you’ve reached motherhood, you may see them as soap suds. And finally, when you’re a senior citizen, they look like the cotton balls on top of pill bottles. :]

I listened to A Wrinkle in Time for about the fifth or sixth time…I love it! RIP, Madeline L’Engle!! What an amazing mind…she’s one of the only authors (especially children’s authors) I’ve read that can easily combine her right AND left brained characteristics into a single brilliant story.

Sunday was normal. Good and bad all mixed together…it’s kinda sad when you’re a homeschooler, and so most of your social interaction is mixed with Church. It’s hard to focus on what you’re there for.

I think I need to be writing something REAL right now…