Writing is completely and totally frustrating when you have no new, inspiring ideas.

I’ve drawn complete blanks each time I’ve tried to brainstorm about any new fiction. IT’S SO DAGNABIT FRUSTRATING!

I LOVE to write. Really, I do! And I’ve had a SORT of character stuck in my head for a few days, but no plot has come along about her. Or at least none that I don’t want to shoot out of compassion for it’s helpless idioticness. (I hate it when there’s not a tense of the word you want to use. So I make it up. People usually understand what I mean. Hah.) But may God have mercy on the souls that would read the mindless garbage of plots that I’ve come up with recently. I mean seriously…why can’t I think of anything? It’s (to put it mildly) INFURIATINGLY (there’s that nasty habit of mine again…although, come to think of it…that one might be alright) frustrating! (hey…that’s kind of fun to say…infuriatingly frustrating…infuriatingly frustrating…)

Anyway. Can you ask for prayer for inspiration? Well if you can, I am…