Well I had this brilliant idea (if I do say so myself) about documenting the Oktoberfest this year. However, I completely forgot about doing it. So. I’m going to estimate. Let’s pretend these are all actual statistics ;]

laws broken 1 (but it was accidental mom, no worries! :P)

parents saying the beanbag toss was easy and not getting any through the holes 2

groups of preteen boys duking it out to get the high score in basketball 3

headaches endured 5

people I double-taked thinking they were someone else 10

water bottles consumed 20

balloons sailed into the air (this is not an exaggeration!) 50

man hours 75

Christian surveys were taken 100

calls of “hey do you want to play?” 350

tracts given away 1,000

beanbags were thrown 1,500

beanbags were picked up (I swear this must be true!!!) 2,500

pieces of Tootsie Rolls and Bubble gum were given away 3000

A festival full of people, now with a seeds planted in their souls? Priceless

It was a great year. Exhausting, but great. It helped to have the experience of last year to know what works and what doesn’t! Looking forward to doing it next year…if I’m around! Yikes! Senior year brings a lot of “lasts”.