October 2008

Ahhh yes, Halloween…I am literally doing NOTHING for Halloween this year. Don’t have a costume, not going trick-or-treating, no parties, I don’t even know if I’ll hand out candy! (though I’ll probably get roped into doing it one way or another =P)

But the only Halloweeny thing I could think about talking about was the Boxcar children.

You know.




Boxcar Children.

(see that? see what I did there? HAH!)

Anyways, I grew up with the Boxcar Children. Literally. Kari started reading them to me when I was Benny’s age, and I don’t think I stopped reading them till I was like 12. And I read them over and over and over, the normal ones two or three times, and the ones I really liked about five times. And there were forty or fifty out when I was those ages!!

The sad thing was how predictable those things were. I mean, it’s scraping the bottom of the plot barrel for the most part! You could predict what would happen at what page. Ahh yes, pages 1-20 are them going somewhere new, to a friend that their Grandfather just happened to know. Pages 20-50 explain the problem, and introduce the *evil-nephew-or-neighbor-who-really-didn’t-do-it-but-act-like-they-did*. 50-75 are the pages where they build evidence against the wrong person, and then they finally believe Violet who has liked the falsely accused all along. 75-110 is where they finally figure out who it is, and concoct a *clever* trap that usually involves paint, flour, or the criminal accidentally spilling the beans…”no it’s not! The diamond is under my mantras! i put it there last week after I stole off the Queen’s neck by cutting it with…” Etc. The last five pages (there’s always about 115 pages)

There’s also always someone who’s like “You’re just kids! You can’t do anything!” and one of them always politely responds “Oh no kind sir, we’re smart, we’ll figure it out!” usually it’s the cute young one, Benny. hah. And then at the end of the story that person goes “Well I sure was wrong about you! I’ll never underestimate a young child ever again!”

And then there’s the NAMES! haha! Funniest part! The *new* people in the story always have a name that reflects what they do or who they are. For example, a nurse would be called “Mrs. Paine” and the guy who works at the lumberyard would be “Mr. Carpenter”. And then, if it’s the bad guy, his name might be “Mr. Sinister”.

But as much as I can dis them now, I’ve got to say, I loved them then! Hah, the funny thing is, when I was eight or so, I was convinced that they’re last name was pronounced “Aladdin” instead of “Alden”. Lol! Hey, come on, I was young, and Aladdin was my favorite movie!


OH! lol! Speaking of Halloween stuff, wasn’t The Office hilarious last night? hahah! I loved the whole Cornell thing. And the beginning with all of The Jokers. Ahhhh I love it….



I am not a fan of math. I mean, it’s like my view of politics – I recognize that it is a necessary evil, and that there are time when I’m obligated to use it…but I will never, ever, ever voluntarily do it. Ever. Ever ever…

My mind just doesn’t do well with things that are not words! Ok, pictures I like pictures. But besides pictures and words…and music. Ok, I like music too. Wow that premise is not working out to well. Let’s try again. I like EVERYTHING except numbers (ahh, there we go). Anyways, so most of my *mathematical (scholastic, really) career*, my time has been spent like this.

Opens math book.

Opens notebook.

Writes numbers for problems in notebook.

Reads directions for todays math lesson.

Tries it in the problems.

Doesn’t work.

Tries again.

Doesn’t work.

Proceeds to stare at page.



(30 minutes passes)


It’s ridiculous how long it takes me to understand mathematical concepts. I mean, once I get them, I’m fine, and I can plug the evil little numbers in the the equation and I’m all good. But if I have to just sit there and look at the instructions, I get lost and confused very, VERY quickly. It helps if someone will just show me (with an ACTUAL PROBLEM) how to do it a few times, and then watches me do it, corrects me…and then I’m good! But if I just have to sit there and read it…I can’t combine math and reading. It just doesn’t work. Math isn’t reading. Math is a doing. Ahhhhh…



Just had to rant about that.

I feel better now! hah!


It don't matter to the sun
If you go or if you stay
No, the sun is gonna rise, gonna rise
Shine down on a another day
There will be tomorrow
Even if you choose to leave
'Cause it don't matter to the sun no, no
It matters to me

It ain't gonna stop the world
If you walk out that door
This old world just keeps spinning round, spinning round
Like it did the day before
'Cause to them it makes no difference
It just keeps on keeping time
'Cause it ain't gonna stop the world no
But it'll be the end of mine

So what can I say?
What can I do?
I'm still in love.
Why aren't you?

'Cause it don't matter to the moon
If your're not in my life
No the moon will just keep hanging round, hanging round
Like its just another night
Who find another place to shine
On some other lovers dreams
'Cause it don't matter to the moon no, no
It matters to me

'Cause it don't matter to the moon no, no
But it matters to me



SO excited about National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), where you write a 50,000 word novel in November! I found out about it last year at the end of November, and stored it away for this year. I was thinking about doing it, when one of my best friends (and muse/editor :]) found out about it in a totally different way, and animatedly told me at church last Sunday. A little squeal fest ensued, and I knew that was EXACTLY the motivation that I needed.


Don’t expect to be seeing me much this month :P

It requires you to write around 2,000 words a day, so it’s going to be a huge challenge considering I haven’t been in a good writing habit in a long time, but I’m looking forward to the feeling of accomplishment :]. And, hopefully it will help me get into a good habit so I’ll just KEEP WRITING!

The problem that I’m having, though, is inspiration. Again…arg. You’re required to start a new book, as you are looking for a big word count, and not necessarily good writing. If you continue something you’ve been investing it, you’ll care too much about the characters, and won’t have enough time to finish your 50,000. So I’m at a loss. I just started a new story, but yeah, I care too much about it. I’m thinking about doing something completely out of my normal *genre* a doing something more actiony/adventury. We shall see! But I’m looking forward to doing this with Melody, so we can complain about it to each other ;]

OH! And I’m trying to get Hannah to do it…arg you! Solidarity!!!


…politics, politics, POLITICS! AHHHH! So sick of hearing about McCain and Obama…especially considering that I think both of them have huge problems. I’m not going to talk about them, however, because I think we’ve been surrounded by it enough to hear all that we need to. Vote Chuck Baldwin. Enough said.

I’m sure if I was voting this year, I would be much more concerned, though I have be interested – it’s just become too much.

On a lighter note, though, my dad was out for a walk the other day, and saw that one of my neighbors had an Obama sign. Not uncommon. There are quite a few in our neighborhood. But upon closer inspection, the yard contained another name. McCain. And then another…and another…they’re supporting four presidential candidates! hah! Makes me laugh.


It’s really late…I didn’t mean to be up this late.

I’ve been reading an online diary, starting from the very beginning, of someone I don’t even know…they have over 2,000 entries. I read about 350 tonight. Lands sakes I’m crazy. I just can’t help but be fascinated by the thoughts of others. It’s crazy how similar somethings can be, and how completely different other things are. But I just love crawling inside someone’s head like that. It’s so interesting. Finding out why they tick.

I guess that’s why I like reading so much. It gives me a chance to see how other people think. And broaden my horizons that way. (haha, I don’t widen my horizons, my horizons widen me! :P)

I’ve been posting stuff really often…it’s actually kinda crazy how many things I feel like blogging about now! hah! It’s like a completely different frame of mind. But I like it.


I’ve been reading and thinking a lot about writing lately. Wondering why it was so important, and if I really wanted to pursue it. The frighteningly awesome thing is that it’s been popping up in the most unusual places, especially in random fiction books I’ve been reading.

Something that really turned the light bulb on for me was this quote from the book An Abundance of Katherines, by John Green (another book that I can’t quite in full conscience recommend – arg) “telling [the story] changes people…that infinitesimal change ripples outward – even smaller but everlasting. I will be forgotten, but the stories will last. And so we all matter.”

That’s something I’ve been trying to wrap my head around for awhile. And though it seems stunningly simple now, it really was a Eureka moment for me (hah, inside joke from the book…) it just clicked in my head. By writing a story, or even just something like this, or a little anecdote about a feral pig (again…inside joke) it will alter the person it’s told to. I don’t care if you agree with it, if it’s absolutely fiction, or if it involves little pink fairies – it will change the way you view things, even if only slightly. When we write, we hold in our fingers the power to change people. People we’ve never met, will never see, never speak to, people who are entirely different than us, who’ve had a completely different life than us. We have the opportunity to change the way people view other people, other things, or even change the way they see them selves. The opportunity to help each other understand things that just don’t make sense…or to simply take someone away from the monotony of life, relieve stress, stretch their imagination, renew their senses…all with little lines on a page!

…On a slightly different note…

As someone who has spent time trying to put words together, I understand what it takes. I understand how long it takes. I understand the concentration, dedication and stamina it takes. I understand the hours it will take to write 500 words, to make it sound just right. So I try to appreciate the work it takes, even for a simple billboard that captures our attention for seconds, traveling down the road. How many meetings, brainstorming sessions, hours banging your head against the wall, that it takes. Those words were not just strung together randomly by a machine – those words represent people and brains, people and brains shaped by the world they live in, by families, by experiences that set them apart from anyone else. Arg, it’s so easy to sit and read a book (AHHH YES, MY EAR FINALLY JUST POPPED! hahaha!) but the hours and years and thoughts and dreams that have gone into those little lines…APPRECIATE IT, PEOPLE! =P

Just a thought…


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