I got the amazing new book called Writer’s Block, which is basically a book (shaped as a block) full of ideas to jump-start your writing. So! Today I’m going to use one of the ideas for my blog! =P

Idea: “Write about your greatest childhood fear”

As a child, many things frightened me. Monsters, fires, robbers, spiders, doctors, kidnappers, and a slew of other “er” words. However, one of my biggest fears (while also the most irrational) was them. Darest I speak the word? I’m not sure when I learned about them, but I would’ve sworn on a stack of Bibles that they were real. They (of course) resided under my bed, yellow eyes never blinking, their weathered green skin appearing to have been boiled in oil before slipped loosely over their elongated bodies. The alligators lived silently, never a growl or a belch, to fool any parent or older sibling, but I was wise to them. I knew beyond a flickering of doubt that the moment I unwittingly let my hand dangle out from under the covers, the alligators would snap it clean off. Of course they were bound to underneath my bed, and could only snap out a section of their mouths to bite at anything, so one merely needed to jump from bed to dresser, swing the door open, and leap out to spare your toes. But oh the panic I had at a misstep, and the close encounters I barely survived. I could tell you countless stories! But of course I was a considerably nice amount smarter than the big devils, so it really wasn’t quite fair to them. The best trick I learned (you can keep this in mind the next time something comes to live under your bed) was to drop a hapless stuffed animal, or unsuspecting doll on the floor right before you leap onto the dresser. Scout’s honor it will work every time. And eventually I suppose they had enough of my smarts and left, cause all that’s under my bed now is Grandpa’s old guitar and some stray socks. But I still keep a doll pretty handy – just in case.


I just finished Huck Finn, hence the redneck southern twang in that. It’s weird how much reading books like that will affect your writing. Mark Twain is a genius, though. I love that book :]