So I bought and finished this book that had been recommended to me.

I guess I should’ve thought twice about who was recommending it.

It was not a book I would recommend.

And so I’m not even going to put the title in here.

But. If I think about the source who recommended the book, I can understand how they thought it was a great book. Not that they liked it cause it’s…deplorable, lol, but because there are some good messages in it.

I just wish they could’ve gotten those messages across in a different way.

Anyways, you may wonder why I didn’t just stop reading it. Well I spent $8.00 on it! I know, it’s a terrible reason, but it comes with my upbringing!! ;]

Well, I can’t deny, it did get me thinking. I just wish people could leave out the junk, and keep the real story. It would help. A lot. What a messed up world we live in…oh my…