I feel a bit silly doing this, but I justify it by saying I was told to do it by my writer’s block book. :P

Basically I had this really strange dream/nightmare a few nights ago.

The dream itself was your average everyday nightmare, with the usual villain who’s trying to kill me and my family and friends or some such nonsense. Anyhoo, the weird thing was, there were people all around in this hospital/warehouse type thing, and they wouldn’t help me. At the very end of my dream, seconds before I woke up, I was giving this monologue (hah) to a huge room of people, and said something to the extent of “someone help me” and stuck out my hand and closed my eyes – I guess hoping that someone would grab it. and save me, haha. And at that point, *the bad guys* came crashing around the corner, I closed my eyes, and out of all the people standing there watching me, no one grabbed my hand.

Now. The point of this blog is not about the dream really, lol, but the ending. At that point, my mom came into my room to wake me up! Was that not the most perfect time to wake me up? I mean, really. And when I thought about it, I realized all my dreams (well, nightmares at least) end at a good stopping point, whether I’m woken up by someone, by an alarm, or just waking up in the middle of the night. Now, I can understand why I would wake up of my own volition at a good point, it makes sense – I get scared and wake up, or something like that. BUT, the same thing still happens when woken up be someone else! So strange.

That, and where do the dreams come from? I mean, from our subconscious, but how much are we able to read into our dreams? Hmm. Not that I’m reading into this one, haha! Just in general.

Enough of my ramblings :]