I really do want to live in the country. The problem is, I appreciate the city as well – I really wouldn’t want farther than a ten minute drive to Starbucks at any given time :]. But somewhere out of the way, with a few acres. A porch. A tire swing. A treehouse for my kids. A pond. Horses? Dogs for sure. Maybe a few cats to keep the mice away :P. I want to live somewhere that has an unobstructed view of the starts, somewhere I can watch the sunrise and sunset over only trees and hills, not a street of houses. I’m not saying I necessarily want to live on a farm per say, just that I want to live far from the maddening crowd.

And I met the guy that will make this all happen today.

Just kidding. Hah.

But there were a few guys stalking Hannah, Jess, and me as we petted the calves on a dairy farm field-trip today. And it made me remember my dream. Not to be stalked…to marry and move somewhere beautiful.

Anyways, today was fun. Saw cows being milked, drank Root Beer Milk (I kid you not! The weirdest thing was I LIKED it) and homemade ice cream (best vanilla ice cream i have EVER had.) It was great – but I have a feeling it would’ve been boring had not two of my best friends been there – and Mel, if you would’ve come, it would’ve been perfect! :]

Jessica reminded me that I’m going to be 18 soon. Wow. How scary is that? I mean, really, I don’t feel like I’m old enough to be thought of as an adult. It seems laughable, frankly. But when I look at it, I suppose I have grown up a lot lately, just in the little things. Learning new life-skills, learning lessons the hard way…and it’s been tough. But rewarding. I’m looking forward to saying “I’m 18.” Haha! As little as that may be, it feels huge to me. Sometimes it seems that 18 is the magic number for adults – they respect you a more, even just for the the seconds separation that there is between 17 and 18. I’m apprehensively excited for January 27th :]


P.S. Thank God for spellcheck…