I’m a chronic procrastinator, and even though I’ve learned that making lists helps keep me on task, and achieve goals, I still seem to avoid them.

I hate the feeling of lying in bed at night knowing you did nothing that will last for eternity. Always I’m tempted to simply stay on my computer, sitting my lazy bum in a chair, and not getting up to do something. I mean, even if it’s just going to the library, or shopping, I feel like I’ve done something. So how do I force myself to do that?!

So, without thinking a whole lot about it, without justifying my sluggish behaviour, I’m going to try to change this pattern. I’m going to use this blog to document the integration of meaning and purpose in my life. I’m going to write every day, sharing goals, and saying how I did at least one thing that I can look back on in Heaven, standing before my Saviour and say “I did that for you”. One thing that will build character, one thing that will grow me as a person, one thing that stretches the boundaries I place on myself, one thing that will make an impression on the world.

There’s a quote from the movie Spiderman, something along the lines of “These are the years you are becoming the man you will be for the rest of your life.” How true!! I am almost 18 years old. If I am going to break bad habits, and create good habits, this is the best – and perhaps only chance I will get! It’s time to break out of my self-serving mental box, and become the person God wants me to be. It’s time to live. Time to work towards my dreams. Time to do something!!