I’ve been reading and thinking a lot about writing lately. Wondering why it was so important, and if I really wanted to pursue it. The frighteningly awesome thing is that it’s been popping up in the most unusual places, especially in random fiction books I’ve been reading.

Something that really turned the light bulb on for me was this quote from the book An Abundance of Katherines, by John Green (another book that I can’t quite in full conscience recommend – arg) “telling [the story] changes people…that infinitesimal change ripples outward – even smaller but everlasting. I will be forgotten, but the stories will last. And so we all matter.”

That’s something I’ve been trying to wrap my head around for awhile. And though it seems stunningly simple now, it really was a Eureka moment for me (hah, inside joke from the book…) it just clicked in my head. By writing a story, or even just something like this, or a little anecdote about a feral pig (again…inside joke) it will alter the person it’s told to. I don’t care if you agree with it, if it’s absolutely fiction, or if it involves little pink fairies – it will change the way you view things, even if only slightly. When we write, we hold in our fingers the power to change people. People we’ve never met, will never see, never speak to, people who are entirely different than us, who’ve had a completely different life than us. We have the opportunity to change the way people view other people, other things, or even change the way they see them selves. The opportunity to help each other understand things that just don’t make sense…or to simply take someone away from the monotony of life, relieve stress, stretch their imagination, renew their senses…all with little lines on a page!

…On a slightly different note…

As someone who has spent time trying to put words together, I understand what it takes. I understand how long it takes. I understand the concentration, dedication and stamina it takes. I understand the hours it will take to write 500 words, to make it sound just right. So I try to appreciate the work it takes, even for a simple billboard that captures our attention for seconds, traveling down the road. How many meetings, brainstorming sessions, hours banging your head against the wall, that it takes. Those words were not just strung together randomly by a machine – those words represent people and brains, people and brains shaped by the world they live in, by families, by experiences that set them apart from anyone else. Arg, it’s so easy to sit and read a book (AHHH YES, MY EAR FINALLY JUST POPPED! hahaha!) but the hours and years and thoughts and dreams that have gone into those little lines…APPRECIATE IT, PEOPLE! =P

Just a thought…