Got my wisdom teeth out. Wheeeeee!!! Except not. SOOO glad it’s over. Just sayin. I think it’s funny that everyone compares wisdom teeth stories. Almost everyone has one, whether it’s “I had all four out, and the next day I was chewing DoubleBubble!” which everyone (who has ever gotten their wisdom teeth removed) knows is physically impossible for several reasons which I will leave for your own ponderings. Then there’s the horror stories “No anesthesia. No pain meds. I felt the roots searing through my gums . Got dry socket and infections in all four. Beat that.” (pretty sure I can’t use the word ‘searing’ in that way, but it just sounds so good…!) Mine was somewhere in the middle. The actual thing wasn’t so bad, but I react badly to anesthesia, and so I threw up quite a bit. Not the most entertaining or enjoyable thing I’ve ever done. The pain meds had the same effect, and I can’t open my mouth past half an inch…and I got mine out on Monday. Yikes!

Lately I’ve been thinking really short thoughts, and wishing I could write them down somehow. The problem is, they’re not long enough to be a story, they’re too long to be a quote, and I really don’t want to take the trouble of putting it into poem form. Hmm. Wonder if I can create a whole new format of writing, haha! Of course, now that I bring it up in this blog, I can’t think of any…arg! As soon as I do, though, I’ll bring it up…DARN! Almost had one, and then it slipped away! hahah! I hate that! You get this spark of a thought, and then it’s gone. Sort of like when you forget your dream, but in the middle of the day it just comes back to you for a split second. Arg.

Well, I’m off to gargle with salt water…

best wishes (HAH! YOU’RE MY HERO, JOHN)