Not quite sure I’m going to keep up the “doing something for eternity” thing.

Not that I don’t think it’s a good idea. I still do.

But already didn’t do it for about a week! HAH! Just goes to show you how many of my “good ideas” last.

I just heard a train whistle. We live pretty close to *downtown* (*undisclosed location* hah), where Amtrack (spelling?) has it’s stop…on certain nights when the wind is right, you can hear the train whistle (doesn’t that sound just like some old hick?? “we used to lie awake at night, no ipod, no tv, no RADIO, son, if you wanted entertainment, you prayed to God for the wind to come southeast from Wakefield county so you could hear the TRAIN WHISTLE! highlight of your LIFE if you did!”) (oh my lands, if I keep up with this number of parentheses, you’re going to completely miss the point). I don’t remember if I’ve talked about it in this blog, but I think it would be the most romantic (I’m talking poetic-romantic, not relationship-romantic) thing to go on a really long train ride, with the country parading by you…how amazing would that be? I always think of the title scene (is that what it’s called?) of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, (and yes, I’m going to put as many of these in here as possible) where Lucy is staring out the window at England’s countryside. And the Boxcar Children story (no, not the obvious one…duh) about a mystery (no kidding!!) on a train, and they stayed on it for ages. (random tangent – will they ever run out of ideas for The Boxcar Children? I mean, there were already about forty when I was a kid (I swear I read them all three times) (yes I just had a parentheses in a parentheses – double points!) and now there’s got to be over a hundred…one of these days I’m going to do a whole blog post about The Boxcar Children…limitless rant possibilities I’m telling you…) Ok, I seriously just had like five ideas for blog posts. I’ve got to write these down or I will completely forget them…