It’s really late…I didn’t mean to be up this late.

I’ve been reading an online diary, starting from the very beginning, of someone I don’t even know…they have over 2,000 entries. I read about 350 tonight. Lands sakes I’m crazy. I just can’t help but be fascinated by the thoughts of others. It’s crazy how similar somethings can be, and how completely different other things are. But I just love crawling inside someone’s head like that. It’s so interesting. Finding out why they tick.

I guess that’s why I like reading so much. It gives me a chance to see how other people think. And broaden my horizons that way. (haha, I don’t widen my horizons, my horizons widen me! :P)

I’ve been posting stuff really often…it’s actually kinda crazy how many things I feel like blogging about now! hah! It’s like a completely different frame of mind. But I like it.