I am not a fan of math. I mean, it’s like my view of politics – I recognize that it is a necessary evil, and that there are time when I’m obligated to use it…but I will never, ever, ever voluntarily do it. Ever. Ever ever…

My mind just doesn’t do well with things that are not words! Ok, pictures I like pictures. But besides pictures and words…and music. Ok, I like music too. Wow that premise is not working out to well. Let’s try again. I like EVERYTHING except numbers (ahh, there we go). Anyways, so most of my *mathematical (scholastic, really) career*, my time has been spent like this.

Opens math book.

Opens notebook.

Writes numbers for problems in notebook.

Reads directions for todays math lesson.

Tries it in the problems.

Doesn’t work.

Tries again.

Doesn’t work.

Proceeds to stare at page.



(30 minutes passes)


It’s ridiculous how long it takes me to understand mathematical concepts. I mean, once I get them, I’m fine, and I can plug the evil little numbers in the the equation and I’m all good. But if I have to just sit there and look at the instructions, I get lost and confused very, VERY quickly. It helps if someone will just show me (with an ACTUAL PROBLEM) how to do it a few times, and then watches me do it, corrects me…and then I’m good! But if I just have to sit there and read it…I can’t combine math and reading. It just doesn’t work. Math isn’t reading. Math is a doing. Ahhhhh…



Just had to rant about that.

I feel better now! hah!