Ahhh yes, Halloween…I am literally doing NOTHING for Halloween this year. Don’t have a costume, not going trick-or-treating, no parties, I don’t even know if I’ll hand out candy! (though I’ll probably get roped into doing it one way or another =P)

But the only Halloweeny thing I could think about talking about was the Boxcar children.

You know.




Boxcar Children.

(see that? see what I did there? HAH!)

Anyways, I grew up with the Boxcar Children. Literally. Kari started reading them to me when I was Benny’s age, and I don’t think I stopped reading them till I was like 12. And I read them over and over and over, the normal ones two or three times, and the ones I really liked about five times. And there were forty or fifty out when I was those ages!!

The sad thing was how predictable those things were. I mean, it’s scraping the bottom of the plot barrel for the most part! You could predict what would happen at what page. Ahh yes, pages 1-20 are them going somewhere new, to a friend that their Grandfather just happened to know. Pages 20-50 explain the problem, and introduce the *evil-nephew-or-neighbor-who-really-didn’t-do-it-but-act-like-they-did*. 50-75 are the pages where they build evidence against the wrong person, and then they finally believe Violet who has liked the falsely accused all along. 75-110 is where they finally figure out who it is, and concoct a *clever* trap that usually involves paint, flour, or the criminal accidentally spilling the beans…”no it’s not! The diamond is under my mantras! i put it there last week after I stole off the Queen’s neck by cutting it with…” Etc. The last five pages (there’s always about 115 pages)

There’s also always someone who’s like “You’re just kids! You can’t do anything!” and one of them always politely responds “Oh no kind sir, we’re smart, we’ll figure it out!” usually it’s the cute young one, Benny. hah. And then at the end of the story that person goes “Well I sure was wrong about you! I’ll never underestimate a young child ever again!”

And then there’s the NAMES! haha! Funniest part! The *new* people in the story always have a name that reflects what they do or who they are. For example, a nurse would be called “Mrs. Paine” and the guy who works at the lumberyard would be “Mr. Carpenter”. And then, if it’s the bad guy, his name might be “Mr. Sinister”.

But as much as I can dis them now, I’ve got to say, I loved them then! Hah, the funny thing is, when I was eight or so, I was convinced that they’re last name was pronounced “Aladdin” instead of “Alden”. Lol! Hey, come on, I was young, and Aladdin was my favorite movie!


OH! lol! Speaking of Halloween stuff, wasn’t The Office hilarious last night? hahah! I loved the whole Cornell thing. And the beginning with all of The Jokers. Ahhhh I love it….