She wasn’t ugly. Not that she was outstandingly beautiful, either. Although, if you were to see her with makeup on, and not the hollow, baggy-eyed look she had going on right now, you might change your mind…in the right light. Right now, her wavy (or was it just ratty?) blonde hair hung down below her shoulders. Her eyes were a rather non-descript brown that tended to drift away from conversations. There was a dirty light blue backpack underneath the table, between her feet and the booth.

“I’m Simon. You know why I think you’re here, Maddy?” Simon said, then shoving a piece of pancake in his mouth. He didn’t wait for a response. “I think you ran away from home. Probably ‘bout a hundred miles from here.” He jabbed out the window with his empty fork. “That your car? Or maybe your parent’s car?”

A blue Chevy, just only slightly beaten up, was parked directly out of the window the two were sitting by.

Maddy nodded, with a slight roll of her eyes. “It’s mine, not my parent’s.”

Simon smirked. “Sure. Anyways, you’re just far enough away that you’re wondering if you should go back or not. You’re starin’ at that car, just a prayin’ to God it will turn the right way when you pull out of the parking lot.”

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