Have a majority of my plot worked out, though it’s only in my head – I don’t want to write so much that I burn out…it’s going to be rough as it is! =P

I’m excited though, as after today I’ll be 1/10 of the way done! Wheeee! (celebrate everything…it helps…haha…)

I’m really enjoying the freedom I have with not making everything perfect. I have quite a few incredibly cheesy jokes, and some cliche characters, but I’m just going to write through it, and not even worry about that. Still not exactly sure who my main character is, which is a problem…I should work on that. But I know what happens to her – which helps. I’m trying to balance the tragedy (why do I always write tragedy?!?) of it all with mostly light, *humorous* (HAH! not.) scenes. And I’m also trying to keep it from getting too *prose-ey*

I’ve been writing in the car a lot. I can usually get about 250 or so words done in the 15 minutes to church and back. I think I got about 600 words done in 45 minutes yesterday…so I think it’s going faster. I just really like having those words on the page, as opposed to few perfect words. It’s not the ideal way to write, but it’s something to work with – which is awesome!!

Mmk. Nuff for now. Got to get back to writing…ohhhhh, and SCHOOL. right. :]