Reasons why right now is the most wonderful time of the year:
1. Holidays are coming up! YAY!
2. It’s fall, and beautiful
3. The elections are OVER! YES!!!

I refuse to talk about politics today…please don’t make me. Everyone else will have their blogs on it, I’m sure :]

So my family raked leaves this morning. It was the funniest thing ever. I know I’ve talked about how my family is different than any other before, but here’s another example.

We have a system for raking leaves. It has been refined over many years, and I do believe I can now say that it is an art. Each person has their assigned task, according to their varying talents, and each performs it as quickly as humanly possible. No one (with the possible exception of Kaylin) likes raking up the leaves. Our detestation for it rates up there with the taking down of Christmas decorations (always on January 1st, I might add). So we developed The System.

My mom begins first. We have one of those old riding lawnmowers that spits out the grass “shavings” from the bottom, you know, kind of like a giant anti-vacuum cleaner? So my mom goes in circles, all around the leaves, getting it closer and closer till they’re only in one section of the yard. Then it’s my turn – I rake that section of leaves into a pile. Next, Kaylin (after a few rounds of jumping into the leaves and forcing me to rake them up once again) against the laws of nature somehow manages to get an epic arm full of leaves (seriously, it’s more than dad or I could ever get) and dumps them into the bag, where my dad stuffs them down to achieve the biggest leaf to bag ratio. To rake our yard, which is almost an acre, took about 20 minutes. That’s how good we are. And there were only four of us this year, as opposed to the six we normally have.

So yeah.

Beat that.

My family is better than yoooouuuurs. HAH!

Oh and Thank GOODNESS for the auto-save of blogger, cause i just accidentally pushed a link…I was scared to death I’d just lost all of that. Ahhhh iloveyoubloggeryouaremybestfriend!!!!

Except not.

On to more NaNoIng…of which I am 1,000 words behind in…43,000 words to go…arg. Seems almost impossible.


PS. the only thing I’m going to say about Obama, is I think it’s kind of funny that his slogan was taken from Bob the Builder “YES WE CAN!”. Bob the Builder vs. Joe the Plumber (who’s real name wasn’t even Joe…it’s Samuel…oh politics, politics…)