That’s right, I stayed up till now to get to 12,000 words and then send the file to my other email address so that it is safe in cyberspace and not on my easily mangled laptop. I have had to get more repairs on this thing than…oh never mind. hah. I’ll save my…um….breath.

OH! FUNNIEST story. I’m listening to the Today show, and they’re talking about the rise in deer related traffic accidents. This is a well and good, until I hear, “…they have been known to run out into the road, get hit by motorists, and attack cross country runners…”

I quickly looked up from whatever it was I was doing, expecting some painful excuse for a joke, but no, to my nearly endless amusement, they showed one of these pictures, with a caption of “Cross country runner attacked by deer”

I really can’t explain why this made me burst out laughing upon sight, but something about the innocence and defenselessness of a deer – and then trying to picture it as a coldblooded attacker…I just couldn’t stop laughing. Finally a reason why they run – it’s to escape the homicidal deer!