There is a new book out called Paper Towns – don’t go out and buy it, I haven’t read it yet, so I don’t know if it’s good! hah! Just sayin. Anyway, the whole concept of the book is that a girl named Margo is well liked by everyone, and then (if I’ve understood the author correctly…I’m still a bit confused about this part) she disappears. The other characters are handicapped in their searching for her because she acted as a mirror to them – she appeared to them as a reflection of themselves. None of the characters knew this, they only knew that they got along well with her and liked spending time with her. Which makes sense…

I’m going to explore that concept – even though I haven’t read the book…cause it’s so interesting! If you were like that, surely there would be a point in your life where you would realize that that was happening. I mean there are people pleasers who don’t realize that’s what they’re doing, changing to blend in with a certain environment. But surely there would be a time when it would either be pointed out to you that that’s what you’re doing, or you would stumble over the realization yourself. So then what?

I imagine you would feel either as if you were wearing a mask for each person, or that you were a chameleon. BIG differences. If you’re wearing a mask, each person does not see you, they see what you want them to see, even if it’s nothing like yourself. If you are a chameleon, you are still a chameleon to that person, not an entirely different being. So you are merely bringing the similar personality traits and behaviors to the surface – not totally changing yourself. There’s a difference.

What would that realization feel like, though? I think maybe it would feel like there’s no real you – but that’s not true. In either situation, there is still a real you – a real you behind the mask, or the natural shade of you.

Although I have no advice on figuring out how you who you really were…I guess it would be when you feel most comfortable, or what you do when you’re completely by yourself. What are the interests that you would still enjoy even if no one else enjoyed them, or encouraged you to do?

I suppose there is that possibility that you could become the mask…or possible not be able to become stuck in a certain color if you’re a chameleon.

Something to think more about…

Wow I get a kick out of this psychobabble! hahaha!