Ok, not actually behind for the schedule, but I should have 4,000 words more than I do right now…but I didn’t write yesterday or today. Which is completely ridiculous since it’s the weekend.

Oh my my my what a pickle I’m in ;) (love you, Mel…that CD will be done by Wednesday, PROMISE!!!!)

So yeah. I need to get sleep, wake up early, do school and tons of other stuff and then WRITE FOR HOURS AND HOURS ON END!!!! AHHHhhhhHHHhhHHHhh they warned us not to take days off like that…but I ammmmm aaaa BUM (Mel this entire post is pretty much for you, I guess…haha)

Ok. Bed. Bed. Sleep. Sounds amazing.


P.S. How can I make you happier, Mel? I REALLY HOPE I CAN COME TO THE PLAY!!! Can you have Jake save 2 tickets for me? :] LOVE!