You need to watch this video. Yes, I realize it’s 45 minutes long…but you won’t regret it.

Over and over and over again I’ve watched and heard things like this, and I’m so sick of my thick head that doesn’t get it. Why am I not burning on fire for God? Why am I not forsaking everything for Him? Why do I regularly see it as a drudgery to do the things He asks of me, things which I should be overjoyed to do out of love for Him?

We are so rich. We have 100 times as much as anyone else. 100 times. I complained recently that I don’t have a camera…wow am I ashamed of that now. I’ve been bugging my parents, asking for an ipod. What a self-centered PIG I am!! I was watching this video, thinking – “Yeah! I would give it up for God!” and then, I realized where I was. Sitting in an unbelievably warm bed, pillows surrounding me. Computer on my lap, showing me the video. House surrounding me, paid for, full of food and comforts and entertainment. A family in the rooms next to me, all sleeping, comfortable as well. And then I realized what a nice and safe neighborhood I’m in. And then that I live next to all of the conveniences I could ever need. In a country that lets me shout out my faith, live my life in peace and happiness – and finally, and most importantly, I’ve been chosen by my Creator to do what He planned just for me! Something that will draw on my talents and desires, something that I can enjoy, all for the ultimate cause – the salvation of souls.

I could not be any more blessed.

There is no other way.


I have it all.

Would I really give it up? If God wanted me to be cold, dirty, tired and hungry, even lonely, would I do it? It is HARD for the rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven. We are rich.

I think what bothers me most about it all is that I’ve had several moments like this one. It isn’t as if this is the first time God has tried to shake me, tried to get my attention. But me and my foolish and stubborn heart have simply wanted to have the temporary cheap happiness that comes and goes like the wind.

I could rant on…but it’s late…

At the end of the video, it asks you to pray about three things. First, what are the areas of your life where you are lukewarm? Second, ask God to replace your weaknesses with His strength. And finally, ask Him to do whatever it takes to be lit on fire for Him.

What does it take, Lord? Do what it takes. Please.