Seriously, I could go on for ages about my lovely but odd family.

Tonight we went out to eat. Going out to eat is more than special at our house. It’s equivalent to a dog getting the whole chicken leg instead of just the bone. He’s going to savor that puppy (sorry…I know, ouch) and make it last as long as possible. That’s what we do. When we go approximately every three months, we choose the meal with the most food for the least amount of money, eat as much as humanly possible as slowly as possible (optimal food storage that way) and then stuff the rest into about four doggy (again, sorry…) bags…boxes…whatever.

It always makes me laugh. I mean, we’ve NEVER left food on the table unless we’re on vacation…without a mini fridge in the room – and let me tell you, that’s rare (what is with the puns?!?!).

Trying to catch up on NaNoWriMo. Going to try to write 2-3k tonight, and then 4k or so tomorrow to get a little ahead…I just really don’t want to quit. Once I start something, I HATE quiting.