I’ve grown a lot since I first got an email address. :]

Let’s go through the phases, shall we?

First, there was me getting an email address. I was 13 at the time, so it was pretty pointless, really. I don’t think any of my friends, really, I’d just get the occasional forward from my mom. HAH! Those were the days.

Then I graduated to…MySpace, I think it was. Bad days…bad days…don’t think I really had any friends on there, either! Wow…this is turning really pitiful…

After MySpace there was Xanga. Oh the good ole days! I think I really spent more time changing my profile thing than I did actually reading and commenting. The only thing I miss about Xanga is how it was focused around blog posts – I miss that. But hey – I have this now ;]

Then finally there’s Facebook…and it has sucked my life away one click at a time. MySpace and Xanga could be time consuming, but Facebook…oh Facebook. It’s got it all. Photos, videos, music, games, POKING, applications, random and pointless quizzes PLUS notes. Oh and link sharing…and bumper stickers…and flair…oh my lands (Mel, we don’t say that much anymore! hah!) it’s easy to waste time on Facebook. And everyone who is on Facebook agrees! It’s not just me!! Right? Right??