Yay for you – you won’t have to hear about it any more, but SCARY for me, because I have five days to write 21,000 words. I’m pretty sure that’s not what was supposed to happen.


Yay for sarcasm.

If I write 1,000 more words tonight like I’m planning, though, I’ll have written…I think it’s 7,000 words today. So if I keep going like I did today, I’ll be fine.

I am REALLY determined to win this.

My novel really is starting to shape up, and there’s a lot more depth that I originally thought there would be – but it’s also full of absolute crud at some places. Lol. For example, this is the sentence I’m least proud of:

There were two other keys on the key ring that held the key for the SUV.

And I promise I will change that when I’m revising…if I ever revise…if I can ever bring myself to read this monster which I have brought forth.


Anyways. Just to keep you posted