Hahah, sorry, I keep having blog titles that have nothing to do with the post. Get over it. :]

The whole thing about November (promised I wasn’t going to talk about it anymore, haha) really got me enthusiastic about setting goals. I’m not sure what I want to do for December, but I think I want to do something. Maybe cutting back on entertainment in general. I still struggle with that.

On a side note, and I’m kicking myself because I forgot to tell him he did a great job – Joey sang my favorite song last night…ahhh The More I Seek You is so amazing and simplistic but nonetheless true. I love it. And he sang it beautifully. I’ll try to overlook the fact that I’ve been planning on singing it. Hahaha…ah well. That’s what I get for procrastinating.

Yesterday I was renewed in my hate for all things crafty. I don’t know why I keep trying again and again…I have neither the patience nor the artsyness that is required to enjoy making Christmas cards. I mean, it’s not that it was torture – it was still fun! I just wish I hadn’t done it, because all I end up with is a soggy card (got a little carried away with the glue) glitter all over myself, and an inferiority complex because mine turned out the worst! hahah!


watch…and laugh.