I feel really guilty if I don’t update every once in awhile. :]

I’m kind of exhausted right now, but I’m still awake. Sigh.

I swear I’m going to get up early tomorrow! (*and you DO know that early for me means 7:00, right? I am NOT getting up any earlier than that, hah!*)

But until I’m tired enough to fall asleep, I peruse around the internet.

I’m waaaasssting my liiiiife away!

Pastor Borden preached two really good messages today!! Melody and I were talking about how we REALLY appreciate Red Bridge. We both know plenty of teens our age who would be horrified at his hell fire and brimstone messages, haha. Not that messages of love and redemption aren’t important, but what is redemption without a need to be redeemed? Who needs eternal life if one didn’t know that there is death? Who needs to be forgiven if one didn’t realize he had sinned?

Eh. Balance, balance, balance…