I was asked recently whether I liked hot or cold weather best.

The real question is which I can stand.

I don’t like either extreme, quite honestly! Then again, I don’t want it to be 70’s all the time, I would go crazy. The real answer is I would want the weather to cycle faster. How awesome would that be? Monday would start off with a blistering 100, perfect for tanning or swimming. Tuesday would chill just slightly to 90, still pleasantly hot. Wednesday would be 80, Thursday, 70, Friday, 60, Saturday, 50, and Sunday would start to show the Winter of this next week. 30 degrees on Monday would allow for snow. Tuesday would get even colder with 20. Then, it would start getting warmer again. Wednesday, 30, Thursday, 40, Friday, 50, Saturday, 60, Sunday, 70. And all over again.

Ok so it’s not completely perfect, and it would pretty much destroy all living things…but still, how awesome would that be.

I think one of the dreams I’ve always had is to have a room in my house with an extreme temperature control. So, to lay it out for you, I would build a swimming pool in an enclosed room, crank it up to 90 or 100, and relax. And then, sick of that, I would bundle up and turn the temp down to 20 degrees or so, let the pool freeze, and ice skate. A bonus would be to make it able to rain and snow. Think about it – being able to control the weather whenever you wanted to…ahh yes, definitely a tool of the future! :P Can’t wait for that one.