Yeah I haven’t been writing in here quite as much as I did the first few months. But I figured too much of a good thing is a bad thing…right?

Our Christmas tree is up!!! YAY!

Steven, Kristin, and Kari are home! YESSSSS! :]

So yeah, I really can’t complain about my life right now. I’m a little sick, so I couldn’t do things yesterday or today…kinda frustrating, actually. But…that’s complaining…and I’ve been trying to stop that…

I’ve noticed I change a lot when my older sisters are around. I’m not sure if I feel stuck in their shadow, or if it’s just because I’m glad to see them, and want to hear them talk vs. me…or just the fact that they let themselves be heard a little bit more than I do…if you kwim. Hm. Yeah. I think it’s mostly…all of those reasons.

Still just a little bit frightened about my future. Not sure about what God wants me to do. But then again, I suppose it’s up to Him to tell me, isn’t it? I know it’s the age old question – what am I here for – but I’m just really confused about it recently. I’ve discovered that I do much better if I have a plan, a schedule, even a to-do list. If I have something in front of me to accomplish, I will do it. Otherwise, I drift.

I’m drifting right now.

I’m not sure why. It’s kind of in every aspect – emotionally, physically, spiritually. Just kind of floating in an endless abyss of life. Hahahha, I’m so emo.

Moving on.

Having Steven (brother in law) around is fun :] Kristin is convinced her baby is a boy.

I absolutely cannot wait for Christmas. In this sense it’s purely materealistic, because I’m getting a camera and I’m extremely excited…

OK. Wow. That’s enough for today.


PS I am so bored. I have not been this bored for ages. It’s kind of ridiculous how bored I am for no apparent reason. Also kind of random. And feverish. I’m going now. r