We recently ‘inherited’ a Coo-Coo clock (is that how you spell it? yikes, sorry) from my grandma. I have so many fond memories of being at her house, listening to the semi-hourly cheesy (but endearing) music.

The first struggle with it, however, was remembering to wind it each night. We’ve had several nights already where we’ve forgotten, and subsequently had to wait until the next day at the particular time it stopped to restart it (it’s very temperamental).

Next, a few people (names will remain anonymous *cough* it was NOT me *cough*) took a distinct disliking to it’s chimes (ok…I admit…that was an attempt at a pun…charms…chimes…*hah*…groan) and would have appreciated it’s silence if ‘unwound’. Thankfully, they were overruled (it took a lot of persuasion on my part, though). It really does quickly blend in with all the other house noises, however. It doesn’t take too much getting used to.

But now it’s happily running smoothly. I still get a smile on my face every time I hear it. That may turn to indifference or annoyance eventually, but for now I’m going to enjoy the honeymoon stage.

Today, it seemed as if only a few minutes have passed between it’s coo-coos. Time goes away so quickly. Our life is truly so short. I still cannot believe I’m graduating. I can’t believe I’ll be an adult in just a couple weeks. I want to make this count. And every time that clock chimes, I’m reminded. I’m reminded that as much as my flesh wants to lie around and surf the internet all day, that there are more important things to do. I’m reminded that I’m connected to my family, my grandmother. I’m reminded of all the work that was put into creating, and then recently repairing, that clock.

The repairman is a specialist for just coo-coo clocks. His father was a watch repairman. There is something about people who are so dedicated to something that they choose to do only that one thing for the rest of their life. I give them my respect. Repairing my clock was a labor of love to this man.

Today I finished a book called Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado (oh my, I just forgot what I was supposed to do with book titles! my english teacher must be banging her head on a wall as we speak…). It’s pretty much what it sounds like. It’s saying that every person has been created by God to do something very specific. He calls it a person’s “sweet spot”. If we find that sweet spot, then we will be able to serve God in the way He created us to – and enjoy it. I’m in the process of finding my sweet spot…I’d encourage you to read the book, it’s really interesting.

Ok wow, let’s go backwards through my train of thought. sweet spot, clock fixer, making life count, whisp of a life, time goes away, COOCOO CLOCK! hah! OK.

So I love our new coo-coo clock. :]