February 2009

I’m thinking about joining DailyBooth, (www.dailybooth.com) the new social networking site.

Will there ever be enough of those?

Anyhoo, it’s a cool idea, I just don’t know if I want to have another way to waste my life away, hahah.

Seriously, though, things like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc are literally designed to suck you in and keep you captive, living on the time you give them.

Ok I don’t want to go on a long rant, lol, so enough for now :]



I don’t know how to handle that. Hahaha!

Mmkay, mmkay, choosing not to hyperventilate. Alright. All good now. I hope the people who I don’t know are fine with me sticking to how I’ve always done this blog, lol, cause I’M FEELING THE PRESSURE NOW! :P

Update on my life:

-practicing for a solo audition in Savior (an oratorio)
-still re-reading Harry Potter (lulz) but also stepping up how much I read the Bible, and GOOD books (non-fiction, haha)
-getting to know my sister’s boyfriend. sweet and fun guy
-trying to spend less time on the computer but pretty much failing. sigh.
-struggling with the peculiar illness of “my-friend-let-me-borrow-this-book-and-now-i-have-no-desire-to-read-it”
-trying to avoid the drama that never ceases
-focusing on developing good habits

Dum dee dum dum dum…

I don’t journal enough. I took a few days off fully from the computer (with the intent to take off a large chunk of time….HAH!) and journaled those days…and it was good. I liked the days w/o the computer…but it’s just not practical anymore! There are people I have to keep in contact with, etc, that means I just need to be balanced and spend a reasonable amount of time on here instead of just giving it up completely.



That’s enough for today :]


There are 783,137 words in the Bible. There are 1,090,739 words in the Harry Potter series.

Guess who’s re-reading all of the Harry Potter series, but isn’t absolutely sure if she’s read the whole Bible?

THIS blushing, humbled girl.

sigh. Why yes, somebody DOES need to get her priorities straight.

We’re studying Enthusiasm in our “Wisdom Search” (if you don’t know, it’s hard to explain. Don’t worry about it, lol) and it sort of convicted me. I mean, I have enthusiasm for some things, but when it comes to others, I sort of shrivel away into Puddleglum. Not that he’s not my favorite, but pessimism is kind of his thing…it’s kind of mine, too. Sigh.


1. I microwave marshmallows

2. I’ve dropped my laptop so many times that both my speakers and DVD/CD-ROM drive are broken

3. I can’t stand to buy a calendar past January, because I feel like I wasted a picture

4. I’ve gone three years thinking I was 5’5 when really I was 5’6 1/2

5. I can’t put my foot/hand over the side of the bed at night because of this irrational fear that a hand is going to reach out and grab it

6. I used to love Twilight, but now loathe it because, like High School Musical and Hannah Montana, it became over commercialized. It’s disgusting.

7. Goofy is my favorite Disney cartoon (of the classic ones, you know, Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, etc)

8. I can’t stand to *mix* natural light with artificial. Either I’ll turn the light on and close the blinds, or turn the light off and open the blinds

9. I read the Hardy Boys because they were more exciting than Nancy Drew. The librarians all looked at me funny :]

10. I hate false flattery/compliments.

11. I actually felt different when I turned 18

12. I have this annoying tendency to listen to my favorite songs over and over again until I absolutely hate them

13. I get fed up with the classic “free spirit crazy quirky girl who follows her own rules changes the bland, boring guy who sticks to the same routine every day and never does anything adventurous until he falls in love with said girl.” I mean, come on, aren’t there enough movies and books like that? It’s getting old, people.

14. Mechanical pencils. Enough said.

15. I’ve read books and seen documentaries about Jane Austen, but I’ve never actually sat down and read one of her books.

16. I think America is so focused on being different and original that the *normal* people have become the unique ones.

17. I wish I had lived in England in the 1800’s

18. I’ve read the heaven scenes of The Last Battle over and over again, and hoped that heaven is actually like it…but the idea of eternity in heaven still unsettles me.

19. I’m one of the weirdos who goes to Starbucks alone…and sits down to drink the coffee.

20. I sang in a choir of about 1,000 voices…coolest thing ever

21. I’ve corresponded personally with Lord Alex Day. Seriously, he’s a lord. No joke!

22. I’m just now beginning to understand and enjoy hymns. I think there’s a bit of a disadvantage to growing up in the church and learning the sounds vs. the words…it’s easy just to sing them without really understanding what you’re singing.

23. I adore everything about England, and using their slang…and informing people about how their lives are different. I should probably work on that, hah

24. I have a weird fascination with fire and water.

25. I bought a pop-up book the other day :]

There. 25. Wow, that took longer than I thought it would, haha.

There’s absolutely no way I was thinking straight when I put this link in my facebook…

There. It’s off.


I don’t know why it bothers me…it shouldn’t.

It’s not as if I write extremely personal things on here….but it’s just a liiiittle bit on the creepy side to know that anyone who is friends with me can read what I say…

I just can’t handle that, lol.

I’m coming to the realization that I make no sense…


I didn’t want to make another post because that would make this…101 posts. I liked the nice, even, round number of 100. Then again, 101 is a nice palindrome…

But anyways, it’s been awhile, and I figured I should update.

On a side note, no one reads blogs anymore, do they? Huh. Sad story. I quite like them. I think they’re rather loverly.

I’m reading Stepping Heavenward again, and I love it more and more. It challenges me and moves me and gives me hope. I know that sentence could be much tighter, but I can’t be bothered right now.

I want to read In His Steps again as well…hmmm

I fixed our ancient exercise bike this evening. This afternoon I learned how to change an air filter in a car. I feel rather industrious. And manly. Not a good thing. Haha…

It’s funny that I was sure I had nothing to talk about, and then I started typing and everything came to mind. I really need to journal more!!!!

I got a call from a really old friend just the other day, which was amazing, and just kinda…weird. But awesome. And not really awkward, really, since she’s amazing at keeping a conversation going…but I’m NOT. I realized that again today. I’m pretty much ok with my close friends, but when it comes to people I don’t know? Picture a plane nosediving into the sand. That’s about what I’m like.

Ugh, the smell of WD40 is wafting up from the basement.

I really want to start writing again…it’s been ages. And I really do like it…I just…have to force myself to do it. Is that a good sign? I’m thinking not. Maybe I’ve just forced it on myself this whole time, and I’m really not suited for it. Hmmmm…

I’m going to go journal now, lol.

But now you know what’s going on inside my head :]