I didn’t want to make another post because that would make this…101 posts. I liked the nice, even, round number of 100. Then again, 101 is a nice palindrome…

But anyways, it’s been awhile, and I figured I should update.

On a side note, no one reads blogs anymore, do they? Huh. Sad story. I quite like them. I think they’re rather loverly.

I’m reading Stepping Heavenward again, and I love it more and more. It challenges me and moves me and gives me hope. I know that sentence could be much tighter, but I can’t be bothered right now.

I want to read In His Steps again as well…hmmm

I fixed our ancient exercise bike this evening. This afternoon I learned how to change an air filter in a car. I feel rather industrious. And manly. Not a good thing. Haha…

It’s funny that I was sure I had nothing to talk about, and then I started typing and everything came to mind. I really need to journal more!!!!

I got a call from a really old friend just the other day, which was amazing, and just kinda…weird. But awesome. And not really awkward, really, since she’s amazing at keeping a conversation going…but I’m NOT. I realized that again today. I’m pretty much ok with my close friends, but when it comes to people I don’t know? Picture a plane nosediving into the sand. That’s about what I’m like.

Ugh, the smell of WD40 is wafting up from the basement.

I really want to start writing again…it’s been ages. And I really do like it…I just…have to force myself to do it. Is that a good sign? I’m thinking not. Maybe I’ve just forced it on myself this whole time, and I’m really not suited for it. Hmmmm…

I’m going to go journal now, lol.

But now you know what’s going on inside my head :]