1. I microwave marshmallows

2. I’ve dropped my laptop so many times that both my speakers and DVD/CD-ROM drive are broken

3. I can’t stand to buy a calendar past January, because I feel like I wasted a picture

4. I’ve gone three years thinking I was 5’5 when really I was 5’6 1/2

5. I can’t put my foot/hand over the side of the bed at night because of this irrational fear that a hand is going to reach out and grab it

6. I used to love Twilight, but now loathe it because, like High School Musical and Hannah Montana, it became over commercialized. It’s disgusting.

7. Goofy is my favorite Disney cartoon (of the classic ones, you know, Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, etc)

8. I can’t stand to *mix* natural light with artificial. Either I’ll turn the light on and close the blinds, or turn the light off and open the blinds

9. I read the Hardy Boys because they were more exciting than Nancy Drew. The librarians all looked at me funny :]

10. I hate false flattery/compliments.

11. I actually felt different when I turned 18

12. I have this annoying tendency to listen to my favorite songs over and over again until I absolutely hate them

13. I get fed up with the classic “free spirit crazy quirky girl who follows her own rules changes the bland, boring guy who sticks to the same routine every day and never does anything adventurous until he falls in love with said girl.” I mean, come on, aren’t there enough movies and books like that? It’s getting old, people.

14. Mechanical pencils. Enough said.

15. I’ve read books and seen documentaries about Jane Austen, but I’ve never actually sat down and read one of her books.

16. I think America is so focused on being different and original that the *normal* people have become the unique ones.

17. I wish I had lived in England in the 1800’s

18. I’ve read the heaven scenes of The Last Battle over and over again, and hoped that heaven is actually like it…but the idea of eternity in heaven still unsettles me.

19. I’m one of the weirdos who goes to Starbucks alone…and sits down to drink the coffee.

20. I sang in a choir of about 1,000 voices…coolest thing ever

21. I’ve corresponded personally with Lord Alex Day. Seriously, he’s a lord. No joke!

22. I’m just now beginning to understand and enjoy hymns. I think there’s a bit of a disadvantage to growing up in the church and learning the sounds vs. the words…it’s easy just to sing them without really understanding what you’re singing.

23. I adore everything about England, and using their slang…and informing people about how their lives are different. I should probably work on that, hah

24. I have a weird fascination with fire and water.

25. I bought a pop-up book the other day :]

There. 25. Wow, that took longer than I thought it would, haha.