I don’t know how to handle that. Hahaha!

Mmkay, mmkay, choosing not to hyperventilate. Alright. All good now. I hope the people who I don’t know are fine with me sticking to how I’ve always done this blog, lol, cause I’M FEELING THE PRESSURE NOW! :P

Update on my life:

-practicing for a solo audition in Savior (an oratorio)
-still re-reading Harry Potter (lulz) but also stepping up how much I read the Bible, and GOOD books (non-fiction, haha)
-getting to know my sister’s boyfriend. sweet and fun guy
-trying to spend less time on the computer but pretty much failing. sigh.
-struggling with the peculiar illness of “my-friend-let-me-borrow-this-book-and-now-i-have-no-desire-to-read-it”
-trying to avoid the drama that never ceases
-focusing on developing good habits

Dum dee dum dum dum…

I don’t journal enough. I took a few days off fully from the computer (with the intent to take off a large chunk of time….HAH!) and journaled those days…and it was good. I liked the days w/o the computer…but it’s just not practical anymore! There are people I have to keep in contact with, etc, that means I just need to be balanced and spend a reasonable amount of time on here instead of just giving it up completely.



That’s enough for today :]