I went to see Annie Get Your Gun yesterday, put on by a local college, performed at my church – it was great :]

It’s scary to see those people and not feel like they’re decades older than me. It was an interesting experience.

Hahha, added to that, has anyone else noticed that it’s REALLY awkward to sit close to the stage? I don’t know why, but I feel like a stalker or something, and every once in awhile you’ll actually make eye-contact, which is…weird.

OH my goodness, so this is probably one of those things that’s funnier when you’re there, but two friends of mine and I were talking right outside the church a good while after the play, discussing the horribleness of really dark, really fake spray tans. Right at the point when I said (very loudly, I might add) “I KNOW it’s SO DISGUSTING!” …right when a guy from the play walked out, causing me to look him SQUARE in the eye while I made that comment, as the movement drew my gaze away from the people I was conversing with. What made this even funnier (and more embarrassing) the guy was wearing one of those gross metro LOW v-neck shirts, and had on LOADS of stage makeup…I….DIED laughing. It wasn’t JUST because I had horribly looked him in the I and (basically) said he was disgusting, but also because…well…it was true. And I’m not being terribly mean here, I mean, he was really cute – he just looked disgusting.

Oh my. Ok. That’s not nearly as funny as it seemed at the time.

But oh well.

I just wanted to record it here, haha.