Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

…or as we know it in my house, happy birthday, Mom :]

I’m exhausted.

My sister got engaged last weekend!! AHHHH I’m so excited about that!! They’re thinking about a fall wedding.

AHH giant face-palm, i just realized i didn’t do the dishes today. sigh. fail.

Plus the fact that i ate cake AND cheesecake…in abundance, haha.

It was GORGEOUS out today, about 80, and I tried to tan (I can hear your muffled laughter.) I think it’s time I embraced my paleness, haha.

Things just seems pretty crazy now a days. I’m being confronted with some specific responsibility issues. It’s humbling. Sigh. Just so long as I GROW, I’ll be fine with these things. Do you know what I mean?

ok enough rambling.