April 2009

Ah, and the final chapter comes to a close. We’ve come full circle – I feel almost exactly how I felt the day I started. Scared to death.

HOW WILL MY LIFE CONTINUE WITHOUT BEDA?! Without the assurance of lovely comments? Without the blatant form of procrastination that is scrolling through the Blogs section, looking for something interesting? Without BEDA buddies?! Without DAILY MAGICAL MAUREEN BLOGS?!

I had many idea for this last blog, but alas, none of them worked. I lack the creativity to come up with something interesting…so I’ve resorted to this.

TOP 10 REJECTED FINAL BEDA BLOG IDEAS (they’re just in the order I think of them, haha, not in order of importance)

10. The decision to buy a PC. Sorry guys…thanks for the advice, but when it came down to it I didn’t have the money for a Mac. *Sigh*

9. The awesome that is my beda buddies. But while we’re on that note…I LOVE YOU GUYS! Thanks for making beda amazing!!

8. All about my “other blog”. CLICK ME! I’m probably going to put these blogs up there, and update semi-frequently. =P Probably going to take a break for a little while, though…

7. THE HORRIDNESS WHICH WAS LOST LAST NIGHT! I’m not going to spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it…but…I was in tears by the end. I’m beginning to get frustrated with LOST. Everyone is acting so strangely. I haven’t gotten used to “the new” Jack or Locke yet.

6. How I’m graduating in JUST OVER A WEEK and how INSANE that is!

5. The annoying feeling of seeing a guy you used to like with one of your friends. It’s not painful…just…annoying. You know what I mean?

4. ABOUT THAT ONE TIME WHEN I DISCOVERED WHERE ‘OLD PEOPLE SMELL’ COMES FROM. You’ll never know, now. Actually, I think I blogged about it on my other blog…but I’ll probably put it in my next one, regardless.

3. Monkey bread. As in I made some last night. As in I told my little sister she could have some this morning and she said “EWW! Sounds GROSS!” Made me laugh, cause I haven’t thought of “Monkey” bread in the literally terms for a long time.

2. Top Ten Rejected Daily Activities for April

1. Signs You Blogged Every Day April

If you want to steal any of those last two ideas I’d love to see them, hahah. Feel free to make an abridged list in the comments :]

So yeah. This is the last one.

It’s been fun!

Keep in touch :]



Loved the idea about picking songs that describe me in some way. So, here we go :]

1. “Closer Than You Think” Fiction Family. This song is all about how our dreams and wishes for what we could accomplish and what we might be is, well, closer than we think. It’s sometimes hard to see that you really are improving as a person when you ARE the person. But when you step back… …and this song is just hopeful, and I love that.

2. “The Secret Life of Daydreams” Dario Marianelli. Ok, so what if this song is just a score. It’s probably one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever heard. Dario Marianelli is by far my favorite composer. This piece just sings of contemplation, doubts, dreams….I love it. And the movie.

3. “Finish Line” Rosie Thomas. “Never really worry for a bit, sometimes it seems worse than it really is. You may always be changing your mind, just push hard for the finish line.” Rosie Thomas is one of my favorite artists EVER. Her songs are so simple and sweet. And those lyrics speak to how I want to live my life.

4. “Hide and Seek” Imogen Heap. Ok, sometimes life just doesn’t make sense…and neither does this song, haha. I could go into what I think it means, but something about it seems to describe ME.

5. “Say Hello” Rosie Thomas. Describes everything so simply and accurately! “If I find him, if I just follow. Would he hold me and never let me go? Would he let me borrow his wool winter coat? I don’t know. I don’t know.”

6. “Be Ok” Ingrid Michaelson. When I’m sick of being emotional about things, this is the song I turn to.

7. “Stars Would Fall for You” Monk and Neagle. Ok…I admit it. I’m one of those people who chooses a song for the person I like. NOT to send to them or anything, but just to remind me of him. Yeah..I am pretty pathetic. But anyway, this is the one right now…and it’s one of the best songs ever!

8. “All the Way to New York City” Rosie Thomas. Sorry for using so many of her songs, but I love this one as well. It’s sweet, innocent, describes exactly like what I’d love to do.

9. “Check Yes Juliet” We the Kings. This song just makes me happy, haha, that’s all.

10. “O Love that Will Not Let Me Go” It’s a hymn, my favorite hymn. It’s beautiful!

Hahha, just about all of those songs are pretty obscure.

I CAN’T BELIEVE tomorrow is the last day of beda!! I feel like I should have something extra-special tomorrow…let’s hope I think of something =P


(*as ‘hinted’ at in the title, this is about LOST fans and YouTube…this WILL be boring to fans of neither :] )

I’ve been a fan of Seanie B’s LOST video recaps on YouTube for…well, pretty much since he started. I was confused why he hadn’t posted a video lately, so I went my subscription page…clicked on his name, and:

“This account has been suspended”

At first I just thought maybe ABC had made a claim on the pictures he was using or something, so I went to his website, figuring the videos would be there. Nope, they were taken off. On to the forums I went. On the forums, I found this:

THIS DISTURBS ME GREATLY! I went to longlivelocke.blogspot.com hoping it would be a joke, or something to bring more attention to the videos, SOMETHING. But no, apparently Seanie B has been stealing written recaps and photos from other writers.

What made it worse, on E’s (the blogger stolen from) post about the scandal, the people defending Sean were leaving comments like this:

“yea it sucks that he stole your words, but what really sucks is that his videos are all gone now…I’ve been watching his vids for a couple years now…they are excellent…I do read blogs sometimes and I figured Seanie B was basically summarizing the best content on the net…I never thought he was coming up with the stuff on his own…I just thought he was really good at filtering all the stuff out there and condensing it into an entertaining video…This is a video about a TV show…come on…it’s not like this is some stolen lab data for a cure for cancer…it’s a TV show…this is the internet…it’s 2009…give me a break…accept an apology from Seanie…and let’s get his videos back up! They are awesome and he is great at putting them together each week” (anonymous commenter)

and this:

“I’m sorry, but I think Seanies video’s are waaaaay better than this lump of boring rubbish. From my point of view, he compresses all this into a fun 20 min video. Much better than having to trawl through all this.” (another anonymous commenter)

and even this…monstrosity:

“I think your just mad cause seanie b did a better job with your product then u did his web side is way better you don’t have any Pic’s, clips or anything all u do is write put some clips on your sitke
Your site is lame get over it an leave seanie b alone u should hire home to fix your web site

YOUR JUST JELLY” (yet another ‘anonymous commenter’)

Way to give YouTube a horrible reputation, guys. I read E’s Some Like it Hoth post, and it was EXCELLENT. I really enjoyed her insightful recap of the episode, her theories, and her clever humor (nothing like the forced *jokes* Seanie B stuck in). I’ll be reading her from now on, regardless of whether or not she, Sean, and the other writer stolen from work this out.

Needless to say, I promptly unsubscribed to Seanie B. I compel you all to do the same. This was out and out STEALING, plagiarizing an honest blogger’s work. WE are all bloggers. Let’s stick together and support her.

Sorry for the rant today. I just think this is important.


Alright guys.

Convince me.

I need a laptop, and I’m going to have graduation money to get one…so…what do you think?

I know this is kind of a cop out of a blog, but I really want to know what people think, and I can’t think of a better way! Hah!



…has been the question of the day. My church had a joint open house for the seniors today, basically where you set out a bunch of photos and certificates so that people will give you money.

Or something like that.

Anyway, it was alright. I mean, it’s fun to see what other people have out, and I loved talking to my friends as always, but when it comes to “that question”, I hate telling people that I’m not going to college. Instantly their demeanor changes. Instantly they think I’m being lazy, or wasn’t responsible enough to get an application in, or simply think I’m not smart enough to go to college.

None of those are true. I mean, I would like to go to college eventually. Really, I would. In fact, I wouldn’t mind going right now! But, being a Christian, I think God is calling me to a ministry in Chicago, and, God willing, I’m going in a few months. I’m excited – I’ll be able to learn so many different things (I may be working in video editing, graphic design, manuscript editing…). Plus the people there are just AMAZING.

But it’s hard to explain that to people, even people at my church. Nowadays it’s INGRAINED into us that in order to be successful we MUST go to college…and I just don’t believe that. And before you go telling me that if I don’t go now, I never will, I’ll tell you that both of my sisters did this, and then both went on to get their Bachelors. So I know it can be done…but honestly? I don’t really care if I don’t ever get a degree. I wouldn’t mind going to college, but I’m not going to plan my life around it.

Sigh…anyways. There have been a lot of ellipses in this blog, haha.

But yeah, so everyone wrote notes to each other, you know, the ‘glad i knew you…don’t die anytime soon’ type of congratulatory notes. My friends wrote some hilarious/sweet ones. And traded “oh my word, don’t remember me by this note, I had NO CLUE what to write and I sound like an idiot!”

Ok, moving on, I just watched this VEDA video by Alex, and it was THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER. Watch it, and tell me what you pictured! It’s worth it!!


I feel HORRIBLE about the cube, because I pictured a HUGE cube, completely glass – clean, just standing there. I can understand how the glass is transparent, because I have a really difficult time concealing what I’m thinking/feeling. But I’m worried about how massive it is. Maybe it’s just a fluke…or maybe because I’ve been thinking so much about what I’m going to be doing next, and been lavished upon with all this graduation stuff, I’ve got myself on my mind. :/ I don’t like that.

The ladder was normal sized, one that stands on its own, metal and a little rusty. This makes since…while I love my friends very much, I’m not dependent on them. And, I’ve had a few problems with friends, so that makes sense that there would be a little rust.

The horse was chestnut (I have no clue how to interpret that!) and was on it’s own, near the ladder. OOO! Does that mean that my “lover” is one of my friends and I don’t know it?? Haha. I’m not using this as fortune telling or anything, lol, but who knows. And what’s funny is I pictured the horse kind of wandering around in the flowers…that makes me laugh. Makes perfect sense – I HAVE to marry someone who’s good with kids. It’s really high up there.

And finally, I pictured the storm really far away. Which makes sense. I’ve had dark times in my life like everyone else, but it’s never been too difficult. I’m sure the day will come when there’s a big storm…but right now my life is pretty peaceful.

AHhh I really want to hear what you guys pictured!! Either tell me in the comments, or maybe write you next blog about it…? :]


“It’s always in the last place you look” has always seemed such a stupid phrase to me. OF COURSE it’s going to be in the last place you look – you don’t keep looking for something you found! You ALWAYS find it in the last place you look (if you find it at all, that is).

Anyway, today I found my mp3 player that had been lost for a couple weeks – THANK YOU GOD, I cannot live without music.

Lately I’ve lost a lot of things…my thumb drive, some photo albums, a couple shirts (all the ones I was planning to wear on a particular night, of course), a movie, a keychain, an extension cord…etc. I hate losing things. If I lose something, I will literally look for hours till I find it. Or till I don’t. But always for hours. And it eats away at you if you can’t find something! I’ll spend whole dreams looking for it in my sleep – and usually I’ll find it in my sleep, then wake up…worst feeling ever.

I remember I used to lose library books ALL the time. I always found them in the weirdest places. Once I found one in our car, once at the bottom of a sleeping bag…I caused a lot of fines, haha.

One time I was in St. Louis for my sweet sixteen birthday party with my two best friends, and we stayed up late watching a movie. I wear contacts (I’m pretty much blind without them) and so I decided to put my contact case right next to my bed so that when we were done with the movie, I wouldn’t have to get up to take them out. This all worked fine until I realized there was only one in the case the next morning. MOST HORRIBLE FEELING EVER. I couldn’t have really enjoyed anything without that contact, so me, my two friends, and my sister and Dad all crawled around for hours looking for it…and finally we found it. UNDER THE FREAKING COUCH! How in the WORLD it got there I still have no idea…

So, what’s the worst thing you ever lost? Did you ever find it?


It deleted my VERY LONG BLOG!


However, I’m going to do my best to give it a shot again, because Maureen wanted us to start trying hard again.

Sigh. I hate doing things twice.

Shall we start at the beginning?

There’s this quirk about me. I’m one of those people who is obsessed with old things – whether it’s a physical old thing or just a figurative spirit of the old-fashioned ‘lady’. Unfortunately, I would never be able to be the polite, calm, controlled lady of the past. But there are still a few things that I love to do that may be considered old-fashioned:

-Sitting by the fire, reading
-Lighting candles in my room
-Reading old books (like non-fiction C.S. Lewis books)
-Drinking tea

In fact, I carry tea bags along with me in my purse. Seriously.

I love tea, but I also love coffee…is that unusual? It seems like coffee and tea are things that people either love or hate. Kinda like…


Have you noticed I’m listing things a lot to make it seem as if I’ve written more than I really have?

So anyway, is there anything you like that might be considered out of style or old fashioned?

OH! And I’ve recently re-discovered Madeline L’Engle…READ HER BOOKS. Kid books or Adult books, it doesn’t matter, she’s AMAZING.

Off to play a game with my sister


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