THAT’S RIGHT! I’m back again! Shocked, aren’t you. You thought I couldn’t do it. YOU thought I would fail but noo…I’m back and I am Stronger. Than. Ever.

Sigh. Ok, so shall we recap the yesterday? It….

…sucked. It really sucked. It sucked like and industrial sized vacuum sucks(which reminds me, I haven’t done my chores yet….sigh…). It sucked like a giant squid’s suckers suck (giant squids have suckers, don’t they…?). It sucked like…like JACK SHEPHERD sucked on LOST last night. I mean COME ON. What a lazy…ahhh. I mean, he’s pretty much turned into Locke, just waiting for the island to tell him his purpose…it’s just not Jack. It’s creeping me out…but I finally like Kate again, which is nice. Seriously started crying when she said goodbye to Aaron. *sniff sniff*!

Did anyone else think it was just a little to convenient that Richard said when about to take young Ben “he’ll lose his innocence. And he’ll never remember what’s happening right now.” or something along those lines. Hahaha, it’s as if the writers were sitting there, and one went “OH CRAP! He would’ve remembered Sayid shooting him! Let’s have him hit his head or somethin…”. It just makes me laugh.

Anyway. About last night sucking. There were many things that led up to the suckage, but the straw that broke the camel’s back (*more on that later*) was me ripping my last contact while taking it out last night. ARRRRG! So I went around half blind today on a backup, until my wonderful daddy picked me up a new one. Thank God. Let’s just say that driving today was a bit frightening.

So I would like to know what is with this straw and camel business. Supposedly good ole Charlie Dickens stole it from Thomas Fuller, who first coined the phrase “Feather that broke the horse’s back”. Which makes much more sense. [sarcasm]. Or at least is more ironic…But no interesting story behind that one. Man, you try to be original in a blog and look what happens…

In any case, I have to go. I haven’t finished all my school, plus I have graduation announcements to address….wheee. Slaughtering