Here I am, already losing my momentum three days into BEDA. I’m also losing my “i” key on my keyboard. The only way it works ARG! I keep having to go back and correct words.

Anyhoo! Today I went to the hospital, where I volunteer. It’s pretty awesome, but we (my friend Jessica and I) don’t have a whole lot of patient contact, which is what I assumed we’d be doing. But then again…it’s not as if they’d let us do medical procedures or anthing, hahah.

I’m trying to think of ANYTHING interesting to talk about it…but I’m not sure if today will be the day for interesting, entertaining chatter. Today shall just be the day of…rambling.

I’m listening to Brad Paisley on the radio with my little sister curled up beside me. We just played Royalty – aka Egyption War, Egyption Rattscrew, etc. HAH! There’s something interesting to talk about! I think it’s funny that even here in the States we call things differenly in different places! Like pop. I call it pop. Some call it soda. Some just call it coke. Some call it soda pop. Some call it sody pop. There’s other names too…fountain drink…carbonated beverage…a “fizzy drink” as my little sister calls it, haha. SO. What do you call it?

He holds my heart. Edward can’t compare. Just sayin.

So yeah, as you can see, Gilbert Blythe is my Edward Cullen. Anne of Green Gables is pretty much the best movie ever…or maybe Pride and Prejudice. I’m kind of a sucker for an English accent.

OK! I give. I can’t think of anything entertaining, I’m exhausted, lol.