So I slept in this morning…woke up about an hour ago. Don’t judge me :] Sleeping in is like an art form for me. There are several steps you must follow in order to wake up happy.

1. Train your body to sleep in late. Take it slow at first, you know, couple minutes here, couple hours there. Force yourself to go back to sleep if neccessary – the benifets to not getting up in the early morning are NUMEROUS.

2. Discover how many hours of over-sleep you need to catch up. This could be disasterous – if you overdose on sleep, you’ll become addicted, and all you’ll ever want to do is sleep. We want to find the happy medium of being well rested.

3. Find a way to either distract your parents (roomates, friends) from the fact that you’re still in dreamland, or give a good enough excuse so that they won’t bother you. A good skill to learn along with this one is knowning when their patience has been tried and getting up moments before they explode.

4. This one is opptional. Develop an afternoon voice for the morning to avoid awkward phone conversations of “Did I just wake you up? What the heck! It’s 2:00 PM!”. I’m proud to say that I can sound awake for about five minutes during an important phone call until my groggy mornng voice cracks back through.

5. And, finally, for me, you have to learn to ward off a little sister who finds a malicious joy in throwing on the light and screaming “YOU’RE A LAZY SLEEPY HEAD! GET UP GET UP GET UP!”. Bribes and threats should be mingled in your response – learn how to appear angry without truly waking up. Trust me, as soon as you leap out of bed and chase her from the room, you’ll be too awake to sleep again. Choose your battles carefully.

I have succeeded in performing those skills this morning, with the possible exception of slightly overshooting how long I slept. Ah well.

Keeping on the subject of sleep, I’ve been having the weirdest dreams lately. Last night it was something about Benjamen Linus, and it was creepy…and quite possibly the coolest dream I’ve ever had, haha. But I heard of something the other day, it’s called lucid dreaming. Supposedly while you’re lucid dreaming, you can control what happens in the dream. This is the best news I think I’ve heard in my LIFE. Lewis Carrol wrote Alice in Wonderland based on a lucid dream, so I’ve been told. I mean, that’s a pretty far-out-there book, which means the limits are literally your imagination. So tell me in the comments what you would choose to dream about if you could!