All of the blogs I’ve read today have lamented the fact that their muses have turned sour.

I am here to concur.

It’s ridiculous how hard it is to sit and think of something interesting to talk about…but then again, I suppose we’ve all succeeded! Even if we’re writing just about how hard it is to write…we’re still blogging. YessSSSsss!

But usually something will come, thank goodness. Another blogger wrote today of how his life is being taken over by blogging. IT’S SO TRUE. Everything I do I’m constantly thinking “Ok, how could I make this interesting. How could this be funny…could I use this as a metaphor?”. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

For example, I watched this about 50 times last night:

And as I was watching, I laughed. And as I laughed, I pondered how I could weave it into my blog today. And I wondered if I could relate it to the fact that I almost got into a wreck last night. And I figured I could do it by saying that I didn’t tell my friends the WHOLE story of how it happened that I almost wrecked, because it was…well, pretty humiliating. And I wondered if this old woman would tell the security officer that she actually just had a feud with the magazine-slapping ex-friend and so *faked a foul*…or just moan a lot and hope for the best (there’s a “that’s what she said” wandering around the edges of that sentence, but I’m not going to look for it, haha).

And so you see, I am a firm believer in the fact that everything can be linked to anything else. Really. Example: I heard in the Today show that someone in Italy after the big earthquake was sick of the aftershocks and so looked up to the heavens and screamed “ENOUGH OF THESE EARTHQUAKES, GOD!”. It’s one of those stories that I would LOVE to laugh at, because me and my dark sense of humor think it’s HILARIOUS. But when you find he was saying that because the house they were trying to get survivors out of was collapsing…it’s just horrible. …and me and my dark humor still think it’s just a little funny. But this can, in fact, be linked to PotterCast. How, you ask? On an old PotterCast show I was listening to yesterday, they talked about Harry’s dark humor when he said “Alright, I’ll stay behind. Let me know if you ever defeat Voldemort.”. SEE!! SEE?!? And I can relate THAT back to my childhood, because whenever I would say “SEE, SEE!” to my sisters they would say “D! D! E! F!” and thought it was the funniest joke ever. I still think it’s a bit shy of funny. Speaking of being a bit shy of things, the woman in that video was a bit shy of convincing.

And with THAT, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve brought it full circle.

Hahha. That’s actually really fun.

And now I’ve finished for today! I need to go do something interesting so I can have something to blog about tomorrow…