I’m probably going to get hate comments for saying this…but.

I think Charlie the Unicorn is stupid.

*pause for the general shaking of fists and mob-forming*

Ok. You done now? I’m sorry, really I am. I would love to like it, to think it’s hilarious like so many of you seem to…but…no. Nope, it’s just idiotic. It has no point. It’s not funny. I will admit I’ve quoted it a few times, but only because it was as essential to daily language as Napoleon Dynamite.

And where is Napoleon Dynamite now? Exactly.

And while I’m on the subject of outraging people, I’m not a fan of Twilight. Sorry.

But, let me also add – I don’t dislike them just because they are/were popular – I just don’t like them. I’m not one of those people who can’t stand liking what everyone else likes. I mean, usually there’s a reason why it’s so popular – because it’s good!

Ok I could continue on with that rant, but I don’t have any desire to.

I went to the eye doctor today…that was fun. Am I the only who feels stupid if I don’t get some of the letters right on the chart? I used to get really nervous going to the eye-doctor as a kid for that very reason. That and I still believe that eye equipment is used for torture after closing hours. You look at those creepy things next time you go in. That, the dim lighting and the motorized chair could all make for a blockbuster horror movie. “Read the 20/15 line correctly………or DIE

There was also a point where the freaky older doctor who breathes loudly rested his hand on my lips while he shone (grammar fail, but shinned just doesn’t sound right…) a light in my eye for a very. long. 15 seconds. (if you don’t think that sounds like a long time, sit still and count to 15. SEE! I TOLD YOU!) …uh….creepy.

It was also embarrasing because the car I drive was in the shop, so my mom had to take me with my little sister. While this is fine when you’re not an adult; when you turn 18 it gets a little awkward.

Speaking of being an *cough* adult, I’ve been afflicted with a weird phenomena. When I was 14-16 or so, people always mistook me for being in college. Now, at 18, they assume I’m much younger. WHAT HAS HAPPENED?! As far as I know I’m not Benjemin Button! Have I decreased in maturity? Is it my clothing choices? WHAT’S GOING ON?

It’s 4:44. I don’t know what it is about me, but I try to make every time significant. It’s not just 11:11 for me anymore. It’s 1:11. It’s 1:23. It’s 1:24 (because 1 doubled is 2, and 2 doubled is 4). It’s Etc, etc, etc….I’m ridiculous like that.

Ohmyword. Most random blog ever. I don’t even know how to wrap it up. Oh well.