I work at an after school program on Thursdays, and today they were giving out PEEEEEEPS. LOTS AND LOTS OF PEEPS!

All I could think about was John Green and how Nerdtastic this was.

Today I felt better, must have been some kind of a fluke yesterday.

I’ve been talking about nargles, hippogriffs (sp?), and crumple-horned snorcacks to my little sister today :] So much fun!! I think out of all the characters in HP I’d want to be Luna. I love Luna so much…or maybe I just love the actress Evanna Lynch. She IS Luna in my eyes :].

While we’re talking about HP, I just started getting into the podcasts, so I downloaded all of the old MuggleCasts and PotterCasts, and am slowly making my way through them. I’m not sure which one I like better. At first I liked MuggleCast, and now I’m partial to PotterCast. You guys have any opinions?

LOST was AMAZING last night. I mean it was seriously UH-MAY-ZING. Ok, so the smoke monster was just a little bit tacky, but still…Oh, and I’m getting just a little freaked out about John Locke. The producers/writers probably want me to notice this, but he always left whenever the smoke monster appeared. Strange. But I’m feeling some sympathy for Ben. I’ve liked his character all along, but now I’m starting to like him *as a person*. Hahah, you know what I mean…

Well this has been very conversational and fun, but I’ve got to go…there’s some new Jake and Amir’s that I haven’t seen.